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Sandblasted, Routed & Carved 3-Dimensional Signs



imensional Signs consist of a 
                                             variety of
substrates, methods 
                                           and finishes.  We use sandblasting, 
                                           routing and hand carving to achieve
                                         beautiful 3D effects.

                            High Density Urethane (HDU)
                                       Redwood and PVC are the most popular 
                                        substrates we offer.  Our preferred choice 
                                           is HDU for its green qualities
                                               and durablility.

                                 Special finishes such as
23k gold 
                                        leafing and other metal leafing 
                                          give our signs brilliance in any light.  

                                Added textures including carving and 
glass smalt put our signs
                                        in a class above the rest! 


here to see
a dimensional sign fabrication.

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